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Good thing I can experience the lunar eclipse from the comfort of my own bed on the interweb.

Fer real doe




can the science side of tumblr explain this


swag • per • a • tion /swaəgpərashion/

adj. To channel the swagger inside of you and turn it into pure teleportation energy.

i.e. “dude, this party blows, i’m swagperating out of here”

this person wrote a noun, listed it as an adjective, and defined and used it as a verb


Theo James for GQ Style (Spring/Summer)


I told this kid that memes are dumb

"Now that we’ve established that poetry is work, let’s move on to questions of productivity. How much should a poet produce, ideally? As much as one half-assed garden, planted by a person with a drinking problem, who did not read the directions on the seed-packets very closely. Elizabeth Bishop only ever wrote one poem, a villanelle about an elk breaking up with her (“The Elk Breaks Up with Me”), and if I may say so she did very well with it. Wallace Stevens only wrote five poems, and every one of them was insured for one million dollars, like a famous pair of legs. The greatest living poet, Nicolas Cage, continues to amaze us by never having written a poem at all."

Patricia Lockwood is my hero. (via yourmonkeycalled)

Go read the rest of this. It only gets better. 

(via chels)


i can’t believe angelina jolie killed taylor swift


i’m just gonna laugh over this for a few hours


this could be us but you playin


I want to put him in my pocket and take him home